Hey guys! I haven't posted here in quite some time--sorry! Even though we haven't posted in awhile, we have been quite busy. Since we have a new practice space, we've been hard at work making new songs for you. Did you see the latest demo we posted on our soundcloud? Check it out

Also, we finally posted a live video from our last show (the one with little, Big at Otto's Shrunken Head). It's for the as of yet unreleased song, FUTURESHOCK, which we are currently recording.


Sorry, our video camera ran out of batteries at the beginning of the song, so we had to use some footage from the rest of the set in the beginning... Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Finally, we have a new show coming up in just a couple weeks. We are playing with Vows and little, Big at The Cake Shop on Monday, June 24th. Maybe there will be a fourth mystery band too? I'll let you know for sure!


Rehearsal News: Saw Wave sings

Rehearsal has been tough lately. Tree Wave can't play the syncopated rhythm in "Turn My Brain Off".

Saw Wave suggests that Tree sing along with the melody as she plays it. This is his demonstration:



Love and feelings at the Cameo show

A belated recap of the Cameo Gallery show on January 19th, 2013
by PULSE WAVE (in normal) and TREE WAVE (in highlight)

Magical flyer by Little, Big!
Hey everybody!

Doesn't it seem like yesterday that we were debuting our no-sequencer-synthpunk-4-piece at Cameo Gallery?  Sure was awesome, right?!  Not only that, but Chuck of Little, Big got a year older and Uncle Monsterface wowed us all with some wicked rock n roll accompanied by sock puppets!  Thanks everyone who made it out!

If you missed it, here's a little recap of some crucial moments.


Backlights & Math the Band played totally different types of music at Glasslands Gallery

A review of the PopGun show on January 4th, 2013
by TREE WAVE (in normal) and PULSE WAVE (in highlight)

Relevant links!

I got to the show late & missed the first band, Teen Commandments (which Pulse says was pretty good, people were even dancing).

Yeah they were pretty rad.  I'm excited to see some kind of resurgence of 80's inspired dramatic pop.  Teen Commandments lacked that DFA Records detachment that was all the rage (and still is if Holy Ghost is any indication).  That's not to sound critical of those bands, it's just that what Teen Commandments is doing is different from that.  There's a dramatic flair at work in Teen Commandments work that that is reminiscent of all those 80's queer bait one hit wonders. Think Spandau Ballet or Alphaville. The inclusion of some very Johnny Marr guitars also really works in the band's favor. Smiths style drama being not that far removed from Tears for Fears' The Hurting when you get right down to it...The whole set was just very dramatic and earnest!  Of course I love synths because they are so detached but I certainly applaud Teen Commandments for being so very lacking in the kind of irony that I couldn't possibly keep out of my own music.

The second band was Backlights (formerly known as 'The Backlights'). They were great, as usual. Pulse describes their music as 'soft rock'. I think everyone else calls it 'dreamy pop'. They have a new bassist who is pretty intense.

Backlights' new bassist in a moment of calm




(i'm posting this early cuz i'm a heathen & can't keep a secret ;_; )

i think she has perfectly captured the essence of ATTACK.WAV in these portraits & my feelings about our band.

in summary,
happy holidays saw + pulse + sine! 

i almost can remember all of our fake names now! i am really looking forward to rocking out with y'all next year!

xøxø, tree

ps this is lacey's shop & her tweets are funny too & i hope she never kills herself.



こんにちは!お久しぶりだね!How is everyone?  Sorry we haven't done anything since our debut shows.  But we do have some awesome news.  We have a new member!  I would like to introduce to you:  Saw Wave on bass synth!  よろしくお願いします!

Saw Wave is a vegan.  Which we don't support.  However, because he is a vegan, that also means that he is (No, I'm not going to say malnourished, but that's what you thought I would say, right?) super judgmental, which is something we here at ATTACK.WAV camp can certainly get behind.  Now that Mr. Saw has joined us in our cartoon conquest, we spend many hours debating not only the inherent cruelty of ice cream production, but also whether or not soy ice cream tastes as good as the real thing.  For the record, and before Saw Wave has a chance to read this, I would like to point out that the ONLY way one might think soy is just as good as dairy is if they have long ago forgotten what salted caramel ice cream really tastes like.
Aaaaanyways, Saw Wave has many amazing qualities.  Besides being our rad new band mate, he is also the author of MikeyPod, a bi-monthly music podcast that covers all genres of music.  Unlike me, Saw Wave has very eclectic tastes, and everyone should follow him so they can learn about all sorts of cool music!  Before Saw joined us, you may remember he featured ATTACK.WAV on his podcast!  It was really cool even though I was really nervous and said um, like, um, so many, like, times that you would have like thought I was a cast member of, like, um, My So-Called Life, or  whatever.

So get stoked everyone, we will be playing more shows very soon and things are definitely gonna sound awesome with our new member!  We will finally be ditching our computer and playing absolutely EVERYthing 100% live!  I'm really excited for everyone to see it!!





音楽の年について、たいてい80年代はいちばんの年だと思っています。しかし、90年代について考えていました。90年代、流行の音楽あまり好きじゃなかったですが、「The Wannadies ~ ワナダイズ」というバンドが好きでした。ワナダイズはちょっと「パワーポップ」なのに、このバンドのおかげで、ぼくはパンクロックのことを学びました。ワナダイズに興味があるから、「Exploding Hearts」と「The Boys」と「Dead Kennedys」のようなバンドに興味を持つようになっていました。ワナダイズの曲は楽しくて、とてもアイロンニカルな詞がありましたから。