こんにちは!お久しぶりだね!How is everyone?  Sorry we haven't done anything since our debut shows.  But we do have some awesome news.  We have a new member!  I would like to introduce to you:  Saw Wave on bass synth!  よろしくお願いします!

Saw Wave is a vegan.  Which we don't support.  However, because he is a vegan, that also means that he is (No, I'm not going to say malnourished, but that's what you thought I would say, right?) super judgmental, which is something we here at ATTACK.WAV camp can certainly get behind.  Now that Mr. Saw has joined us in our cartoon conquest, we spend many hours debating not only the inherent cruelty of ice cream production, but also whether or not soy ice cream tastes as good as the real thing.  For the record, and before Saw Wave has a chance to read this, I would like to point out that the ONLY way one might think soy is just as good as dairy is if they have long ago forgotten what salted caramel ice cream really tastes like.
Aaaaanyways, Saw Wave has many amazing qualities.  Besides being our rad new band mate, he is also the author of MikeyPod, a bi-monthly music podcast that covers all genres of music.  Unlike me, Saw Wave has very eclectic tastes, and everyone should follow him so they can learn about all sorts of cool music!  Before Saw joined us, you may remember he featured ATTACK.WAV on his podcast!  It was really cool even though I was really nervous and said um, like, um, so many, like, times that you would have like thought I was a cast member of, like, um, My So-Called Life, or  whatever.

So get stoked everyone, we will be playing more shows very soon and things are definitely gonna sound awesome with our new member!  We will finally be ditching our computer and playing absolutely EVERYthing 100% live!  I'm really excited for everyone to see it!!