Okay kids.  If you missed your chance to hear us live on Indie Darkroom Radio, you now have the chance see see what you could only hear before!!!  On Friday, 7:30 EST our very own Tree Wave teams up with Tanuki Suit's Evan Neel with special help from Mark Right to bring you a half hour television special that's not to be missed!!

Watch a special video presentation of ATTACK.WAV's Indie Darkroom radio performance. You will be getting a whole ...28 minutes full of new music, personal stories, laughter, and awkward silence! A must-see for all ages!

online: www.bricartsmedia.org/bcattvnetwork 

channel 1 on tv (nyc area): Time Warner 34 / Cablevision 67 / RCN 82 / Verizon 42

Special thanks to Gabe Galvin, Justice Caruso, Evan Neel, Mark Partridge, Indie Darkroom, ATTACK.WAV, and BRIC.

***don't forget to head on over to indie darkroom and rate us so that we get more airplay, okay?  People who haven't yet heard how awesome we are will thank you on the streets for making ATTACK.WAV a part of their otherwise dull lives!!!  ...oh wait, does that make it more appealing or less...

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