I'm at my favorite coffee shop, trying to study...but since their manager seems determined to force feed me the beige production and uninspired melodies of the new Madonna record, it seems like it's the perfect time to talk about some decent music.  Namely Kap Bambino's new record, "Devotion".


ATTACK.WAV on the interweb with MikeyPod

So last week the super awesome (that's his official title btw) Michael Harren did a mini interview with me and put a couple songs of ours on his latest podcast.  I was really nervous about interview...if you saw / heard the radio show I think you understand... talking to people, especially about myself, is not my forte.  However, I kind of shocked myself---didn't think I did too bad. 



I know it's already March but here are my favorites of 2K11.  I was hoping you hadn't already heard too many of these but then maybe it'd be cool if you had and everyone was super into all this stuff.    My nature was already predisposed towards wierdo pop of a Japanese origin, and attempting to learn the language certainly hasn't helped me diversify... Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this stuff!!