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So last week the super awesome (that's his official title btw) Michael Harren did a mini interview with me and put a couple songs of ours on his latest podcast.  I was really nervous about interview...if you saw / heard the radio show I think you understand... talking to people, especially about myself, is not my forte.  However, I kind of shocked myself---didn't think I did too bad. 

I TOTALLY didn't sit in silence.  Sadness followed.  Cuz I listened back and realized that I had filled what should have been awkward silence with a series of "ummmmss" and "like's... for realzzz, I said like more times than an episode of "My So-Called Life".  Oh well, it was a step in the right direction anyway.  Here it is for you to decide.


The podcast.  Michael does this semi-regularly.  Its my understanding that he's just come back from a bit of a podcast hiatus so there should be another new episode up soon.  The theme will be a short artist interview, a couple of their songs and some other related music before and after.  I really couldn't be happier with the selection Michael chose for the ATTACK.WAV episode.

First and foremost, he played a brand new never before heard recording from the upcoming ATTACK.WAV ep.  This one is my favorite of the bunch, Sugar Coated World.  Then I like ummm talked about like my synthesizers and ummm whatever, then he played Television Girls.  Before and after he chose classic (at least in my mind) 80's, and some more contemporary cartoon music from the land of the rising sun.  So it was like he read my diary before the cast. 

Afterword we kept chatting on skype about some more geeky synth stuff and he sent me some Vicious Pink and I sent him some Plus-tech Squeeze Box.  Everybody wins.  Hope you enjoy the podcast!!

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