Love and feelings at the Cameo show

A belated recap of the Cameo Gallery show on January 19th, 2013
by PULSE WAVE (in normal) and TREE WAVE (in highlight)

Magical flyer by Little, Big!
Hey everybody!

Doesn't it seem like yesterday that we were debuting our no-sequencer-synthpunk-4-piece at Cameo Gallery?  Sure was awesome, right?!  Not only that, but Chuck of Little, Big got a year older and Uncle Monsterface wowed us all with some wicked rock n roll accompanied by sock puppets!  Thanks everyone who made it out!

If you missed it, here's a little recap of some crucial moments.

Making sure everything is perfect!
ATTACK.WAV started off the evening.  Our set was always short in the oh-so-recent computer using days, but now that we've ditched the track, somehow our songs have gotten even faster.

Totally ready! — Photo by EvaOrzech/trasaterra.com
Since we are getting ready to record, I've been checking the bpms... and let me tell you, we have definitely gone from fast to breakneck. Sugar Coated World used to clock in at a brisk 210 beats per minute, now it sits (un)comfortabley at 230 beats per minute. (In case you need a point of reference, most contemporary top forty sits at around 130 beats per minute.) This is all fine with me though, the faster the better I say.

Aaaaaanyways, we played really well together, and I have to say it was much more relaxing to play together and not tied to a pre-set computer tempo.


But enough about us, what about the other bands?!

Uncle Monsterface: Harlan on the keyboards is sickkk!!!
Uncle Monsterface followed us.  I have to admit, normally a band that focuses on silly stories and sock puppets would be a little too jokey for me to get into, but at the end of the day Uncle Monsterface is a really solid rock band.  All the silly stories and puppets (WHICH ARE AWESOME BTW) just add a little humor to the whole thing.  Uncle Monsterface's combo of sweet riffs and tongue in cheek lyrics is at once fun and accomplished.  If you haven't seen these guys, you really must check them out.


Little, Big never stops moving!
Little, Big closed the night in rare form.  It was Chuck's birthday so the audience even made them do shots mid set.  There's no way I could do that!  I get so paranoid if I'm drunk on stage, not to mention that my limited technical skill on a keyboard goes out the window.

(Sounds like we should practice drinking during rehearsals!)

Also worth mentioning are Chuck's new shoes, which you can purchase a pair of on the Little, Big website (no, you can't purchase the shoes Chuck was actually wearing, that's the kind of thing you find on Ebay, duh).

Custom kicks! — Photo by Little, Big via tumblr
Chuck and Dana played their usual solid set of fun synth pop / rock songs, and Dana even ended the night by jumping out into the crowd!  Who knew she was such a rock goddess?!  The new songs they played that night were great, and their comic book as album is equally great (that's right, they drew the cutest comic ever and put a download code inside!) so catch them while they are still playing small venues, folks.


The awesome line up wasn't the only thing that made the night great.  What I love most about playing with these two bands is the support we show each other. On a night like this one, where we all share equipment and stand right up in front and cheer for each other, the night goes so much better.  We are all working really hard, so let's play nice okay?!  Ugh, that little bit of love just made my skin crawl.  Don't worry I'm still mega disappointed with the world at large.

༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  • Everyone at Cameo Gallery is really nice! The sound guy was great, we could actually hear ourselves! THANK YOU!
  • Also, thanks Greenpointers blog for advising people to go to our show ^_^
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DISCUSSION GROUP: What did you do for your birthday? Were shoes, alcohol or puppets involved? What would you do differently next time?

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