HI EVERYONE!!!  I'm so sorry that Last Year's Model is on hiatus.  For realz, nobody is sorrier than I am.  We worked on that band night and day for like for or five or a million years or something.  We had some successes and some failures, but all in all, we truly enjoyed every minute of it.  But I can't sit still.  I need to make music to feel whole.

Introducing ATTACK.WAV!!!  We are 4 people dedicated to really fast, really poppy, mega synth infested music from another dimension.  If you have been following Last Year's Model over the years, you probably know what to expect.  This will definitely have a similar feel since I was one of the main songwriters of that band, too.  But there are differences, too.  First, NO LIVE DRUMS.  They are big and hard to carry and so so organic sounding.  This is the digital age.  I take my drums canned, please...that way they will keep in a underground shelter designed to save us from the nuclear holocaust that's bound to happen in 2012 (OMG TIMES A LOT THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME LEFT!).  Also, NO GUITAR.  Guitars are so 1994.  We have replaced live guitar with live bass.  Cuz we wanted to see what it would sound like.

This is a synth band and we will play fast synth pop.  Very very fast synth pop.  190 BPM's fast (that's real fast!)  But who is this new band (we may appear to the naked eye like models 1, 2, 4 and 6 of LYM but we are different)?!

PULSE WAVE//vox, sound design
TREE WAVE//synth

Right now, we are rehearsing all our new music and gearing up to record some demos and play some shows.  There will be a facebook/soundcloud/everything else once the demo is complete or we have a show.  For now, get stoked cuz things are about to get rad.  Be sure to sign up to follow us here so you get the latest news on the digital revolution!!!  See you sooooooooon!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG now that you blogged about it, it's totally official! xoSY