So... I promised myself I would update this more with fun geek out pop culture goodness more often...but... In the meantime I have a little band news...

First. Sorry we are still delayed. A lot of new tech that prolly a trained monkey could operate but it's taken me a bit to figure out. We were also further delayed by a band member change. We are now a power trio. In order to preserve the maximalist sound of ATTACK.WAV it took some adjustment and now I am playing more keyboards than I was planning on initially... Upside = keyboard to hide behind on stage. Downside = I have a lot a lot a lot of practicing to do.

So now we are moving along pretty nicely and nearing the "halfway towards a set" point. My goal for the next couple weeks is to lay some vocals down and put some demo recordings up so that everyone can anticipate the digital amateur band revolution.

More news as soon as I have it and some album, comic, movie and ankle reviews to follow.

See you soooooooon,
Pulse Wave

Ps. 10 points to anyone who can tell what amine I am referencing in the location thingie up top <3


Location:Somewhere deep in the Grand Stream

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