So you should probably know by now (if you have ever met me) that I'm a huge manga / anime fan.  Especially if the work is about either teenage romance or robots you can definitely count me in.  One of my all time favorites (actually I can safely say that it is my most favorite) is Ai Yazawa's "Paradise Kiss".  Spanning only 5 volumes, it is a melodramatic and bittersweet story about one average school girl's entrance into the exciting world of fashion. 

It's hard to accurately describe how much I love this series (I also recommend Yazawa's Nana), so here's a couple more images.  At the time that I am writing this, I have had to repurchase these novels 3 different times...I read them over and over until the pages fall out :)

K...it's hard to do the comic justice.  Next, an anime adaptation was made.  It's pretty good.  But the real gift it gave me was the artist responsible for the main theme--Tommy February6

and here's the video for the full song which is so rad

Fast forward to now.  There is a live action movie coming out!!!  Here's the teaser trailer with English subs. 
LOVE!  FASHION!  DESTINY!  How stoked am I?!?!?!  K so there wasn't a huge point to all that except that Paradise Kiss is so rad.  so check it out. 

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